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ICAR produce a comprehensive range of high quality lighting and motor run capacitors. We also stock X2 suppression capacitors.

Lighting Capacitors

  • Type A Plastic Can
    • Dry Technology
    • Resin Filled
    • Push-in deck or Wires
    • Stud or Blip-clip (or Both)
  • Type B Metal Can with safety cut-out
    • Parallel (280V) and Series (480V) compensation
    • Fastons, Push-in deck or wires

Motor Run Capacitors

  • Plastic Can P0
    • Fully resin filled
    • Fastons, wire or cable connection
    • Unique Multifix mounting option
    • Rated up to 400V Class A (30,000 hours)
  • Metal Can P2 with safety cut-out
    • Full UL safety approval
    • Faston or cable connection
    • Rated up to 400V Class A (30,000 hours)

X2 Suppression Capacitors

  • Plastic film X2 capacitors with insulated leads

Please call us for details on 020 8968 2000.


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tel:020 8968 2000 fax:020 8968 2020 email:sales@primelight.co.uk