Fulham HotSpot Plus

LED Driver & Emergency System

Model Number: FHSAC1-230-45CE
Input Voltage: 220-24Vac (50/60Hz)
Output Voltage: 11-50Vdc
Output Current: 250-1400mA
Power: 45W
Dimming Type: 0-10V
Dimensions: 229x82x34mm

  • All-in-one unit combines 0-10V dimmable LED driver, emergency LED driver and replaceable backup battery
  • Lowers cost by eliminating need to install separate emergency system
  • Simple installation helps reduce assembly line confusion and wiring mistakes
  • Output current programmable in 1mA increments using handheld controller
  • Programmable dimming curve allows step dimming and dim-to-off
  • SmartSet programming platform enables integration of more efficient modules in luminaire designs
  • For full technical details please download PDF datasheet.
Emergency Output 1W - 6W Constant Power Programmable; Factory set for 3W 180 minute runtime
Power Factor <0.9
THD >20%
Dimming Range 100% - 1%
Battery Type LiFePO4
Recharge Time 12 Hours
Warranty 5 Years. See specification sheet for details
Advanced Features Illuminated test switch/AC power indicator, switchable self-diagnostics, user-selectable emergency power level