PFLITSCH Cable Glands: blueglobe®
M8 to M85 - Brass / Stainless Steel / Plastic
PFLITSCH Cable Glands: UNI Dicht®
M4 to M120 and Pg 7 to Pg 48 - Metal and Plastic
PFLITSCH Cable Glands: UNI Flange® and UNI Split Gland®
Splittable cable glands for pre-assembled cable
PFLITSCH Cable Glands: EMC up to Cat. 7A
Graduated selection of products with attenuations into the GHz range
PFLITSCH Cable Glands: ATEX certified
Comprehensive Ex-protection for gas and dust environments
PFLITSCH Cable Glands: Elbow and flange
For 90° cable entries and safe outlets from switchgear cabinets
PFLITSCH Cable Glands: Hoses and corrugated conduits
Hose cable glands for more extensive cable protection
PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: Industrial
Smart cable routeing for individual cable layouts
PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: Automobile
Cable trunking for footfall loading in machining centres
PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: PIK
The standard for simple installations and tight spaces
PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: Slimline
A simple, safe and cost-effective system with great versatility
PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: Wire tray
Variable cable routeing with superior strength and durability
Wiska EMCGV - M8 ShotGLAND
IP68 - for Ø2mm - Ø5mm cables